On Dev Logs and Production

For some time, I’d been considering if I’d have a reason to drop dev logs. It’s probably about time I try throwing some down. It’s a marketing tool. But I intend to document dev progress for projects, some public and some unreleased, for a few reasons. I guess alongside this are some potential future releases should all go according to plan. Should you be a reader interested, there are two ways to follow this blog easily. The first would be to subscribe to the RSS feed (https://dinoleaf.com/feed), and the second would be to follow @[email protected] on the Fediverse (Mastodon, Pleroma, etc.) At least, assuming the WordPress ActivityPub plugin actually works the way I set it up. This blog likely would get a little technical, so for those interested in just production alone and don’t know much about dev, it might get somewhat dizzying or boring.

As a reminder, Fediverse accounts can be found here:

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Pyral hates videogames and doing things.

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